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Tulsans for Public Safety is a nonprofit 501c(3) that promotes awareness on issues relating to safety, prosperity, and community. 


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The Tulsa City Council will vote on a program called TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release). If passed, TNR will jeopardize community safety & diminish property values.

TNR is being pushed by out-of-state interests and has been shown to introduce disease and inflict economic harm onto the communities that adopt it.

Learn more about why (TNR) is not safe for the Tulsa community.

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Promoting Neighborhood Safety

We are passionate about raising awareness on issues that directly affect public safety in the Tulsa community. Every citizen of our city deserves to thrive in a safe Tulsa!

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Encouraging Economic Prosperity

Tulsans for Public Safety also helps promote issues and causes that help provide opportunities to Tulsans. We are dedicated to a safe and prosperous city!

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Educating a Vibrant Community

Community goes hand in hand with public safety. We believe a safe, prosperous, and healthy Tulsa will sharply increase the quality of life of families across the community enjoy.

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Tulsans for Public Safety is a 501c(3) nonprofit, dedicated to raising awareness on issues affecting the general safety and well-being of the Tulsa community. We are proud to work with various Tulsa community members and city partners to promote neighborhood safety, encourage economic prosperity, and educate Tulsans on best health practices. We believe all three of these issues go hand-in-hand towards fostering a well-rounded, vibrant community. The vision for Tulsans for Public Safety is to work as a public watchdog, keeping the community aware of issues that affect our safety, health, and prosperity. We believe there is no better city to plant a business, raise a family, and participate in the American dream. 


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